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Inflatable toys usually how to clean

times   2018-02-28

Inflatable toys

Inflatable toys for the present community is very useful. Many places in life will choose to use inflatable toys. Especially some children's toys and swimming toys. Many will find inflatable toys. In fact, inflatable toys will be in need of maintenance and collection after use. This time, inflatable toy manufacturers say how to normally inflatable toys cleaning.

Inflatable toyshow to clean inflatable toys

how to clean inflatable toys

1. Cut off the power, open the fan interface and exhaust port, exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, remaining gas to squeeze. If the equipment enters the water on a rainy day, be sure to drain the water and dry it.
2. Do cleaning, washing powder can be used to stains, grease wipe, and then scrub clean water, drying can be dried.
3. The device is folded, with the bottom of the fold to stop the front, then cover it with tarpaulin.
4. If not for a long time, the clean equipment folded, bundled, packaged. Storage temperature is generally -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius is appropriate.
5. Fans should pay attention to moisture, corrosion. Gas equipment should pay attention to anti-rat insect bite bite.

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