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The future luminescence of the lighting air mode is preferred

times   2018-01-02

LED Inflatable model

The LED inflatable model is a new type of gas mould in recent years. As the industry in the air mould industry has become more and more skilled in the domestic industry, the style of products is also strange, supporting the "soft sculpture" of the good reputation. The long winter weather is cold, but there are many people in the city who are outside happy, when the light gas model can achieve the different publicity effect.

LED Inflatable model

LED Inflatable ball

Giant LED inflatable ball

Outdoor advertising

Many new products are also being introduced in the market. In recent years, the model of the giant inflatable model has been accepted by the market. Light module as a new model gas products is gradually accepted by many people, in the original "soft sculpture" configuration in the corresponding light to take out the modelling, light box advantage is obvious than today, not only unique and disassembly is convenient. In the future, this kind of light-gas model will replace the traditional outdoor publicity methods of luminescence.

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