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2019 The worst comment: This beach ball turned the beach into a disaster scene

times   2019-05-16

The Beach Behemoth Giant Inflatable

When bored, I often browse the online shopping platform, do not buy things, specifically to see those strange comments.

There, you will find many more interesting stories than Hollywood blockbusters.

For example, the following comment about a giant inflatable beach ball.

Say ...

A beach ball on a platform called The Beach Behemoth Giant Inflatable.

It's 12 feet tall and about 3.7 meters tall, with two George Clooney.

12 feet inflatable beach ball

Sellers say it's "Big Mac" on the beach, leaving all other beach balls shameful.

It is made of vinyl fiber, very sturdy and very light ...

The seller also reminded: be sure to use electric pump inflated, there is an intern who tried to blow his mouth, where he is still blowing it ...

It looks like this beach beast really is a fun stuff.

inflatable beach ball

This is also evidenced by the buyer's rating, with most people giving 5 or 4 stars, and negative reviews mostly focusing on the inflation process too cumbersome and occasional leaks.
Among many comments, one has emerged that has drawn everyone's attention. The rating given by this buyer is: 2 stars!

Giant Inflatable beach ball

The story is over here.

Finally remind you that if you read this article want to buy a giant beach ball, please also buy insurance

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