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Pool floating, summer vacation the most essential equipment.

times   2018-03-02

Inflatable floating row

What is the most insignificant thing to vacation this summer?

inflatable swan

That's right, it's inflatable floating row. Now it has become an essential item for a summer vacation. People used to buy a soft air bed on their way to their destination, but it will become redundant shortly after the trip ends. Now, people will take a very view of the pool float before departure.

Pool floating

As a result of celebrity campaigns, Amazon reported this summer that its inflatable floating row sales rose 195%. We've all seen the stylish Flamingo Pool Float, which has seen its product sales rise 213% last year, such as the one used by Kendall Jenna below:

pool float

Sriram Parthasatathy, manager of the Amazon Toy Store, said: "We are pleased to see our customers enjoy their imagination, and many of them share their fun of using the product on the swimming pool and on the beach for social fun. Obviously, this trend will not be immediately dissipated, because of the popularity of the large pool inflatable products is still high in terms of sales and social media performance. "
What amazed us most was that the inflatable Gecko Riding Buoy rose 600% last July. Although the sales volume of this product is very impressive, so far no celebrities have released photos.

water float

In addition, the inflatable float designed by sea creatures seems to be being welcomed by Amazon shoppers. Among them, the lobster floating ranked first in sales in July last year, up 500%, followed by the design of turtles, devil fish and sharks.

Of course, we can not forget the hot trend that is sweeping across the United States: the Unicorn.

inflatable Unicorn

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